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Clearly documented Standards provide the firm with a one-step reference point in terms of all conduct-related and customer matters.

Enterprise Learning can support you in developing Operational Standards for your customer facing staff and managerial functions setting out how they should provide services to customers and what they should consider when doing so.

We can help you develop an easily searchable and updateable reference toolkit which be used by your customer facing staff, managers, compliance staff, sales quality assurance checkers and trainers.

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  • I insist on clear standards which describe when actions must be taken, with specific guidance on how to apply the standards.
  • Any documentation and standards we use is concise, easy to understand and the format is user- friendly so that staff can use it as clear reference and process guidance.
  • Documentation is easily accessible to staff managers and Quality Checkers etc., is arranged in an intuitive, understandable order and is searchable when needed.
  • I ensure that changes to standards and customer processes are implemented and communicated in an appropriate way and at an appropriate pace to reduce negative impacts.

Negative Indicators

  • Standards are treated as inflexible ‘rules’ and do not allow for different client outcomes dependent on client circumstances.
  • Documentation has been allowed to become excessively cumbersome by seeking to provide an answer to every circumstance or complaint.
  • Standards are not easy to find, navigate, or search.
  • Changes are communicated in uncoordinated and confusing ways.