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Your approaches to managing your customer facing staff can make the difference between average or poor performance and success in terms of quality, productivity, sales and compliance. Regulators repeatedly criticise poor recruitment, development, targeting and supervision of customer facing staff.

Enterprise Learning can help you in defining the management models for supervising your people, creating user-friendly management information which your managers can use to review performance and setting up effective monitoring and Training & Competence tracking systems. We can design and deliver leading edge training programmes for your managers focusing on their skills and expertise in all their areas of responsibility so that they can not only monitor their people’s activities but also coach and develop them effectively to achieve measurable increases in productivity and the quality of customer outcomes.



  • I have clear and effective supervisory standards setting out the activities I require from managers to monitor and supervise staff.
  • I ensure all managers are trained and assessed in the knowledge and skills required to effectively fulfil their role.
  • We use comprehensive and clearly defined KPIs which are relevant to business and customer needs.
  • We prioritise the management of staff undertaking or working on regulated processes.
  • Our MI is comprehensive and accurate to allow close and continuous supervision and monitoring of staff.

Negative Indicators

  • Manager training is minimal and focused on knowledge of supervisory activities rather than ability to complete them effectively.
  • No identification of or attention paid to staff working on regulated processes or those key to customer outcomes.
  • KPIs are in place but lack clarity and as a result are inconsistently applied.
  • MI is achieved through a number of labour intensive manual processes which have the potential for high degree of human error.
  • MI is not effectively used by managers in supervising staff.